Intuitive Life Coach

Nicole Frolick is an intuitive life coach, author, speaker, host of the Enlighten Up podcast, creator of her vulnerability series Raw & Real, her growing community and program called AlcheME, and her newly launched weekly Starseed Technology Activation classes.

Nicole uses the wisdom from her current life and past life experiences, as well as her intuitive capacity, to help guide others through their own awakening and healing journey. Using a variety of different techniques and methods, she’ll help you discover and clear blocks and limitations that hold you back from vibrating in full abundance and expanding your own intuitive capacity.

Her latest project, Starseed Technology Activation classes are designed to physically take you from ‘Awakening’ to ‘Ascension’. Your body houses the most powerful technology on Earth and it’s embedded in your DNA. Activating your own Starseed technology can open up the intuitive gateway to many of your gifts and abilities. We utilize the technology of our bodies through breath work, movement, mantras, activation integrations, sound healing, and meditations to help you serve your mission and purpose on this planet.

Working with Nicole, whether it’s one on one or in her community program AlcheME, will be a transformative process that helps you shed the shadow-self and bring forth the light within.