When your soul asks you to let go of the old, there is a creative force at play that you cannot see. You're being guided by the energetic alignments of new creation without knowing the details.

This is the magic of the Universe.


Is an intuitive life coach, author, speaker, host of the Enlighten Up podcast, and the creator of her vulnerability series Raw & Real, as well as her growing community and program called AlcheME.


Intuitive Coaching

Nicole uses the wisdom from her current life and past life experiences, as well as her intuitive capacity, to guide clients through a healing journey that awakens dormant 'soul gifts' and activates their dream potentials into the Now. Using a variety of different techniques and methods, she’ll help you discover and clear blocks or limitations that hold you back from vibrating at your highest potential, while strengthening your own intuitive 'internal GPS' navigation system for clearer decision making on this journey of life.

Working with Nicole, whether it’s one on one or in her community program AlcheME, is a transformative process that helps you shed the shadow-self and bring forth the light within you. You'll be able to reconnect with your original blueprint (authentic self) that often gets buried in a world that thrives on conformity, and you'll uncover a more meaningful purpose to live your life from whether it's in your career, your relationships, your health, or your own personal journey.

If you're ready, you'll receive the support you need to remove the blocks holding you back from purposeful living, and make the changes or big shifts that have been calling upon you from a deep soul level.


What's your superpower?

“I help people feel comfortable enough to get vulnerable, open up, and explore their shadow self so that they can heal the old wounds that many of us pretend don't exist. It's always an honor when someone allows me to be part of their journey.”


What's your favorite thing about what you do?

“Witnessing the 'shift' happen in real-time. There's always a moment when a client's energy shifts, the illumination shines through their eyes, and a deep understanding of a wound or trauma brings instant healing. It's a remarkable moment in someone's journey to witness. It reminds me of how instantaneously our own healing and personal empowerment can be activated.”