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A 4-month exploration of your Secret Self with Nicole Frolick

The Forbidden Journey is a unique coaching, mentoring, and healing program that is designed to guide you through uncovering the patterns, drives, urges, and compulsions ruled by your unconscious mind that significantly influence your attitudes, choices, and the direction of your life. Using the blueprint hidden within your 12th house of astrology, you will discover which impulses you have been denying that leave you emotionally and physically depleted in your everyday life.


Instead of being ashamed of your weaknesses that undermine the realization of your conscious goals, you’ll discover that buried within your shame, doubt, and fears lies your greatest purpose and talents to actualize your destiny. It is understood that much of your past is contained within the 12th house, but what is also contained in the 12th is your future and the hidden potentials you have yet to connect with.

The greatest struggle I have witnessed within people is this deep longing to be whole and to fulfill their dreams and destiny, but often lack the direction, energy, confidence, emotional and mental power to achieve it in physical manifestation. 


The Forbidden Journey will mimic a plant medicine journey that is able to go into your unconscious mind and clear the unconscious blocks while experiencing deeply life-altering bursts of awareness that change you forever. The only question that matters at this point in time is...

When you answer the call and take the plunge, you will get access to:


~ Two 90 min Group calls each month, held on Wednesdays at 2pm EST

~ A 30 min personal session with Nicole each month

~ A Closing Ceremony (personal session) for personal integration with Nicole (45 min)

~ The Forbidden Journey community via Voxer for constant support and guidance from like minded individuals on the same journey as you

~ Biweekly Voxer access to Nicole for brief personal questions (specified day/time)

~ You will be paired up with someone in the group as part of the Buddy system for personal support/accountability throughout the 4 months

~ Access to the recordings of each group call and personal sessions with Nicole

~ A Forbidden Journey Ceremonial Kit mailed to your home 

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Your experience within the Forbidden Journey will be mapped out over 4 months:

Knowing the truth of who you are, including the parts of you that you’d rather not face, requires deep bravery. In this month, you will unmask yourself, stripping away the ideal image you’ve been hostage to, and face your forbidden fractals.



This is your invitation to return home. In this month, you will reclaim your lost soul fractals and identify the hidden purpose behind each one. You’ll tap into new wellsprings of power and discover your hidden talents and strengths.


There is a Guardian of the Gate to your most secret self and in this month, you will answer the Siren’s call, remove the Guardian, and take a deep psychic descent into the most hidden aspects of your soul.


This is your rebirth. This month will be a shamanic experience to anchor in the New You, including a Union Ceremony with other versions of yourself to download upgraded gifts you’ve inherited from this journey. This will be the mapping and integration of your future dreams.

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~ You want to discover your purpose, joy, and the next phase of your destiny.

~ You’ve felt overwhelmed by life and/or are going through a major transition.

~ You no longer want to play small.

~ You are ready to be seen, heard, and acknowledged for the most authentic version of yourself.

~ You no longer want to allow your own darkness to have the accumulated power over your life that it’s acquired from you avoiding it’s darkest nature.

~ You’re ready to let go of the directionless search and choose a path you can and will commit to.

~ Your intuition has been nudging you to take a risk on yourself because it’s time.

~ You want to explore yourself at a depth you haven’t yet, possibly fearful of what you’ll find.

~ You’re ready for upgrades within your own intuition, healing, and vision for your future.

~ You’re ready to let go of the watered-down version of yourself in order to embrace your full potency.

~ You’re ready to commit to your future with a full body YES!

The Forbidden Journey Group program is currently closed.

The next program will be opening in the fall 2023.

Space to apply will be opening soon.

Your Investment into uncovering your Secret Self:

Early-bird special $2777 (reg. $3497)

* Or pay in 3 installments of $977

**Limited spots available

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Q: Do I need to understand astrology or my own chart to take this course?

A: No. Your chart will be used by Nicole to help uncover your own destiny, hidden purpose and talents, as well as the unconscious blocks that when not tended to act as decoys to your greatest life path of joy and happiness.

Q: What if I can't make all of the live group sessions?

A: All sessions will be recorded so that you will have access to them if you miss one. It is advisable to be present as much as you can.

Q: How much time do I need to set aside for the full experience of the Forbidden Journey?

A: We will meet twice a month (on Wednesdays at 2pm EDT) for a 90 minute group session and you will receive one 30 min personal session each month with Nicole. When you commit to this experience you are also committing to showing up for the group and your 'Buddy' whom you'll be paired up with which requires regular check ins so that you are both giving and receiving support.

In addition to the group and personal sessions, you will also receive invitations to anchor the work discussed in session through exercises that help you integrate and birth the results through you. The integrative invitaions shouldn't take more than 2 hours a week.


Q: What if I am not ready to do the work?

A: That is ok! I'll be here when you're ready and the next Forbidden Journey group program will tentatively begin in the fall of 2023.

Q: What is expected of me?

A: The Forbidden Journey group mentorship program is for active participants who are committed to taking the deep dive into their own forgotten self, open to receiving support from both Nicole and the group, and in return are also willing to show up and gift support in return. It is okay if something comes up and you miss a call, but being present is what will afford you the greatest experience and gains into your future.


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