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Generational Trauma is passed down to you through your DNA, often presenting as an invisible wall, in an area of your life,
you just can't seem to break through...

Scientists have discovered that generational trauma can trigger fear responses for generations to come, but nobody has figured out how to heal trauma passed down by our ancestors… until now.

But how do you heal trauma you never experienced?

One of the most frustrating aspects about healing generational trauma is that it wasn't you who necessarily experienced the trauma, it was your ancestors. So how do you identify it? 

In a plant medicine journey, I was shown how to heal my own generational trauma from my father's side of the family which, unbeknownst to me, was affecting my ability to grow my business and live my highest potential. 

Not only was I shown how to heal my ancestral trauma, but I was shown how to help others heal their hidden ancestral trauma...without it taking years of therapy or you having to use psychedelic drugs. 

The 3 Forbidden Secrets

Secret #1

There is an invisible force (generational trauma) that must be identified and cleared to prevent it from influencing the pathway to your dreams and the person you are meant to be.

Secret #2

Once that generational trauma is identified and cleared, you have access to uncovering the most authentic version of yourself by converting your fears into your greatest allies.

Secret #3

In order to rebirth yourself into the new you and your new life, there is a unique blueprint that holds keys to your destiny that can mitigate self-sabotage and create clarity for success.

Signs That You Could Be Suffering From
Unresolved Generational or Childhood Trauma:

  • You feel trapped by an invisible force that you are unable to define or escape.

  • You have patterns that you’re unable to break free from.

  • You lack purpose and are left questioning the direction of your life.

  • You feel paralyzed by fear and are unable to move forward in life.

  • The feeling of being lost and alone overshadows your daily existence.

  • Old, unshakable patterns replay, casting a shadow on your path to healing.

  • You have relationship patterns that aren’t in your best interest.

  • Your emotions surge uncontrollably, leaving you ungrounded and overwhelmed.

  • You’ve tried every other healing modality, but you still find yourself stuck, disorganized, and chaotic.

  • Or you’re already aware of your generational trauma, and you just need someone to show you how to fix it.

The Dramatic Breakthrough You've Been Looking For...

Imagine finally getting the breakthroughs you've desired for so long. Your journey matters to me, and I know the Forbidden Journey Blueprint will help you get there.

Access Is Currently Closed!
But join the waitlist for the next one... 

The Forbidden Journey Blueprint awaits you!

Weekly 90-minute group coaching call

Lifetime access to the Forbidden Journey Library

A Forbidden Journey Workbook

Guided Meditations for Generational Healing

Shamanic Healings & Ceremonies

Your UNIQUE Destiny's Blueprint

Access to The Forbidden Journey Blueprint Private Community

And If You Join Now... 

You'll Get Exclusive Bonuses!

Instant access to my most popular course, Reconnecting To Your Inner Child

A Healing Meditation Mixer for download

A 1:1 coaching session once we start the program

A $350 credit towards any future Forbidden Journey retreat

This Program Has A Value of

But I want you to break through your invisible walls. 

Because the success I have had with clients in this program is unprecedented.

This program is currently closed but will reopen again in the late Spring 2024. You can join the waitlist today...

A March Madness Offer

Pay In Full

2 Installments

*Space is LIMITED as I am only taking 10 people.

Access is now closed!

Join the waitlist to be notified when it reopens!

What Others Have Experienced After Clearing Their Generational Trauma:

  • Toxin release through the skin (rashes and pimples) at a major surgery site that has been the source of pain for decades. She claimed this had never happened before.

  • One woman experienced her business finally taking off (within days of clearing her GOTG) after 18 months of little movement! Now she is busier than ever.

  • A man had his entire masculine ancestor line show up in the clearing and experienced a wave of clearing releasing the men from their generational trauma.

  • One woman received a promotion at work with a raise that exceeded her expectations beyond any amount she thought she'd ever be able to earn!

Break Through Your Invisible Wall Today!

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