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“It was magical! It was such a transformative moment, I would say one of the most transformative moments in my life."

Stacy B, USA

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An all-inclusive 3-night retreat in Breckenridge, Colorado
APRIL 24TH - APRIL 27TH 2024

If you missed the first retreat, now is your chance to experience the massive transformations that so many experienced!


Immersed in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Forbidden Journey Retreat will take you through a deep psychic descent that reunites you with the lost and forgotten parts of your soul for immeasurable healing and personal transcendence. It promises experiences that will open you up to your hidden resources of power, talents and purpose for this lifetime.


You will cross the threshold between the person you thought you were and the person you are destined to be by unraveling the mysteries held within your own unconscious mind. 


Through sacred ceremonies, rituals, meditation, and activations, you will uncover your Secret Self. You will discover the royalty that sits within the denied parts of you, waiting for you to reclaim the greatest jewels that belong to the crown of your kingdom.


The intention of this retreat is to help you:

  • Reclaim forgotten fractals of your soul

  • Uncover and face fears that hold you back from your desired destiny and learn to make them your allies

  • Shift the denial of who you are into full embrace and acceptance

  • Relinquish the ‘Victim’ and no longer look for the enemy outside of you

  • Access the hidden resources of power held in your own darkness

  • Discover your purpose

  • Reveal some of your hidden strengths and talents that will help you execute your greatest destiny

  • Take charge of your life from an increased sense of self-esteem and empowerment

As destiny would have it, during our incredibly powerful exploration and transformation of the Self, we will experience the aligned energies of the Full Moon in Scorpio as well as one of the biggest astrological events of 2024 - the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus. Scorpio full moons are intense and powerful energies supporting personal transformation and unearthing the deepest truths that have remained hidden. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will bring sudden and incredible breakthroughs when it comes to your beliefs and sense of spirituality. This is a massive reboot energy that is aligned with the ceremonies and journeys ahead. This will be a powerful time to liberate yourself from that which shackles you.

Full Moon

Full moons always bring illumination, revelations, culminations, and endings. These energies will only be enhancing the intentions of this retreat and supporting each individuals forbidden journey into the mysteries of oneself. 

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What others are saying about the last Forbidden Journey Retreat 2023...

"What you do in a weekend at your Forbidden Journey Retreat, would take 3+ years of (traditional) therapy at minimum for what everybody experienced there."

Dawn P, USA

Anchor 1 Tickets

The Forbidden Journey Retreat is an all-inclusive event (excluding airfare*) so that once you arrive on Colorado soil, you can relax and focus on receiving everything we have in store for you.



  • 3 days and 3 nights accommodation in a luxurious modern 3-story home with magnificent views of the Ten Mile Range and less than a 7 minute drive into Breckenridge.

  • Transportation to and from the airport (DIA)*

  • Access to all group classes and activities

  • High frequency activations and meditations

  • Healing ceremonies & journeys

  • All meals prepared fresh daily (special diet needs will be accommodated as much as possible)

  • Fresh and tasty snacks daily

  • All drinks (water, juices, coffee/tea, mock-tails, wine and beer)

  • Daily Ceremonial Cacao in the morning

  • Access to a private hot tub

  • FREE BONUS: A Ceremonial Forbidden Journey Gift Box upon arrival


We will be like family! Star family :)


To maintain integrity to the experience and honor the intimate nature of the Forbidden Journey, there are only 10 tickets available.

Based on your budget and desired comfort levels, there are multiple options for you to choose from. We have 2 private bedrooms, 1 private communal bedroom and 1 communal loft to choose from. In the event there are not enough people booking together or willing to share a room, there is an option of a smaller private room (queen bed) off the library. Please note that beds will be released on a first come, first serve basis


It is my priority to make sure everyone is comfortable so if you have any questions or concerns before booking, please email me at

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If you’re ready to experience a shift in your life so great, your old life becomes unrecognizable, apply now to reserve your spot for the Forbidden Journey Retreat! 


Come hangout with Nicole, Christina, and others in their favorite mountain town, under the stars and enjoy 3 days and nights of ceremony, love, laughter, community, and unprecedented personal transformation!



$3,795 for a shared room (per person)

$4295 for a private room single person (double occupancy is $3795 each)


$1200 deposit to reserve your spot

(Balance can be paid in installments before April 152024)

And if you happen to have any hesitation about coming to this retreat...

Free Cancellation until March 1st 2024. No refunds will be given after March 1st 2024, however if canceling after March 1st, half the ticket price will be credited towards attending a future Forbidden Journey Retreat or program.

*Please note any refund requests will be subject to an 8% processing fee of the amount already paid.

**When booking your flights to DIA, you must arrive before 11am to receive your free transportation to the retreat. If you book a flight that lands later you are subject to booking and paying for your own transportation (approximately $250). Note booking your return flight should be no earlier than 1:30pm local time if you plan to use our airport transportation provided on the 27th.

***The retreat will allow guests to arrive starting at 12pm local time on the 24th and will start promptly at 2pm.

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