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Inner Child Healing & Channeling

Reconnect & Heal

  • 1 hour
  • 159 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Working with your inner child can have the most profound impact on your personal healing and development. Our subconscious is programmed between the years of 0-7 and often hold patterns of not feeling good enough, feeling rejected, abandoned, unheard, unseen, and/or unimportant. These self-destructive programs run on auto-pilot while dictating 95% of our creations. This means that even though we may have the best intentions during our conscious efforts (5%) to create from an empowered place, the subconscious is running our lives most of the time - and we don’t even realize it. Through reconnecting with your inner child, you can go back in time to heal old wounds that have held you hostage in repeating patterns of undesirable outcomes. By healing the old wounds from an internal perspective, you begin to re-program the mind with supportive healing, rewiring the neurons of your brain to believe in a reality that couldn’t have existed based on old programs, which then allows a shift in your outward world and manifestations to occur with less effort. Nicole has been working with her own inner child since 2016 and continues to do so because the results have lead to quantum leaps in her own healing and happiness. By connecting with your energy and past programs, she will be able to connect with your inner child and bring forth messages to help bring clarity and understanding of what needs your inner child is requesting for immediate healing in your present moment.

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