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The Forbidden Journey is a unique coaching, mentoring, and healing program that is designed to guide you through uncovering the patterns, drives, urges, and compulsions ruled by your unconscious mind that significantly influence your attitudes, choices, and the direction of your life.


Using the blueprint hidden within your 12th house of astrology as well as the position of Pluto and the Nodes of Destiny, you will discover which impulses you have been denying that leave you emotionally and physically depleted in your everyday life.

When you answer the call and take the plunge, you will be guided and given:


~ Weekly 60 minute sessions for the first 3 months

~ Biweekly 90 minute sessions for the final 3 months

~ Modules for each week to deepen your understanding of the work you are doing while providing a blueprintto uncovering your Secret Self

~ A map to understanding your unique astrological blueprint and the hidden strengths, talents,and purpose of your destiny

~ Carefully crafted exercises and healing tools to assist you in your deeper work outside each session

~ Access to Nicole via text or phone call
~ Access to the recordings of each session with Nicole

~ A BONUS Forbidden Journey Ceremonial Kit mailed to your home


The Forbidden Journey is unlike any other program you have encountered. It mirrors the deep psychic descent of a plant medicine journey, tapping into the power of the unconscious mind and catalyzing mystical yet practical healing. My clients experience transformative shifts that ripple through every aspect of their lives, creating deeper connections, reigniting passions, and unlocking the door to a profoundly meaningful existence.


If you are ready to embark on The Forbidden Journey, where tender compassion and courageous guidance will unlock your hidden truths and guide you toward your true purpose, then connect with me now and step into a life of authenticity, joy, and unbounded potential.

The Forbidden Journey 1:1 Coaching Program (6 months)

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