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Your body houses the most powerful technology on Earth and it’s embedded in your DNA. Activating your own Starseed technology can open up the intuitive gateway to many of your gifts and abilities. When you learn to treat your body as a high performance vehicle, you can activate your DNA by integrating the wisdom of the stars, energy, breath, movement, ritual, meditation, and prayer. By bringing all of these aspects into union with the body, you then are an open channel to the cosmic activations that essentially turn your DNA ‘online’.


Join our growing community of Starseeds dedicated to taking their ‘Awakening’ to ‘Ascension’ by fully integrating the wisdom and knowledge of current star alignments, energetic influences and star family channeled messages with your very own physical body! Be part of our bi-weekly classes online to assist you in activating our intuitive capabilities and coming into more alignment with the cosmic nature of our universe. 


Once you sign up you will receive an email the night before the class with a zoom link to join us live! If your time zone doesn’t allow you to be live with us, you will be given access to the recording.


*Classes are held every other Monday night at 8PM EST

Starseed Technology Activation Classes

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