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Standing Before the Temple of Shadows is a powerful guided meditation experience designed to help those who are on an endless pursuit of their true selves. If you're willing to face the false peace within and turn it into chaos in favor of honesty, then this meditation is for you.


This meditation is dedicated to helping you reveal your true self by facing your own temple of shadows. It will create an experience that will help you free yourself from your own judgment and criticism, while observing your own shadows with unconditional love, understanding that all creations have a purpose. 


Through Standing Before the Temple of Shadows, you will experience:


  • A sense of freedom and release from the weight of self-judgment and criticism

  • A deeper understanding of your true self and purpose

  • The ability to transmute your own darkness back into light through the willingness to face what you have not been willing to see until now


Don't wait any longer to begin your journey of self-discovery. Download Standing Before the Temple of Shadows today and transmute your shadows into light.


Length: 18m40s

Standing Before the Temple of Shadows

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