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Gain access to my latest course Reconnecting Your Inner Child: Healing the Shadows of Innocence and receive 8 individual Inner Child Healing & Channeling sessions with Nicole to assist you in your healing journey alongside the course.


Each session can be used during the healing stage of each module in the course to help you gain more clarity on the childhood issues that may surface, while also receiving more depth in your healing. It also gives you an opportunity to receive answers to unforseen questions that inevitably arise within any heart-based healing.

The Course: 


Reconnecting to your inner child is one of the most transformative and healing experiences I have ever encountered. In 2016, I started my own journey of reconnection to my own inner child. When I first met up with her after decades of abandonment, I couldn't understand how I could ever leave her again.


Bringing your inner child back home into your own heart is a process by which you go into your own shadows to recollect the lost and forgotten parts of yourself. We do this to remember our own innocence, but we also do this to remember who we truly are. There are so many illusions imprinted into our belief system and unsupportive patterns of behavior programmed into our subconscious, that we must go back to our childhood to understand the original point of trauma for deep and profound healing.


This course is composed of 8 modules12 hours of teachings, and guided meditations designed to act as a guide to help you reconnect with your own inner child through the 7 point chakra system of energy. It will help you deeply understand the importance of healing your inner child by teaching you:


  • the basic needs of each center that were insufficiently met
  • the shadow elements of not having these needs met
  • the physical imbalances that can occur
  • the emotional imbalances that can occur
  • how to rebuild a true anchor of safety
  • heal wounds of shame, guilt, and insufficiency
  • disentangle from codependent relationship patterns
  • heal the father wound
  • heal the mother wound
  • reestablish authentic expression of yourself via your voice and actions
  • isolate self-sabotaging behaviors for healing
  • make better decisions personally and professionally
  • discover the gift of each chakra that can be presented to you in your life when fully open
  • how to heal your inner child using the principles and emotions of each chakra
  • exercises you can use through each chakra to heal your inner child
  • personal stories and examples that deepen your understanding of the subconscious patterning occurring in each chakra and how it presents through relationships issues, manifestation blocks, and overall life purpose
  • the power of healing in your own personal life


Also included in the course are two guided meditations.


In the first meditation, I take you on a journey to reconnect you with your own inner child and guide you through a process that re-establishes your relationship with your younger self. Through my own experience with clients who are on the healing path of Inner Child healing, this is the number one difficulty. By taking clients on an actual journey of reconnection, I have been able to remove the hardest step in reconnection. This may be one of the most valuable components of the entire course.


The second meditation will be found later on in the course and is a guided meditation that will take you back to the point of your own conception in your mother's womb to initiate healing across all timelines.


At the end of the course, I provide you with a final healing journey of shamanic nature. This is only to be done once you have completed all 8 modules.


My personal experience and witnessing the experiences of my clients has shown me without a shadow of a doubt how immediate the positive shifts can occur in your life. I have witnessed


  • instant improvements in relationships that were unexpected
  • radical healing of the body
  • improved emotional and mind coherence
  • spontaneous liberation from long-standing addictions
  • improved communication skills
  • heightened emotional intelligence
  • spikes in intuition and psychic abilities
  • reconnection to your life purpose
  • and so much more


Many are ready to release themselves from the deeper subconscious patterns sabotaging their own happiness through toxic relationship patterns, working without purpose, lack of direction in life, limitations through manifestation, chronic health issues, self doubt, personal abandonment, and lack of trust in one's own intuitive abilities.


If you're ready to take your healing to the next level this course is for you. It is designed in a way that will appeal to all levels of experience in personal healing and development. So no matter if you are just starting or wanting to go quantum with your inner child, you will benefit from this course.


May the light follow you and your inner child on your journey of reconnection. You will both be forever changed in a way that radiates more love and healing on this planet.

Inner Child Course & Coaching Bundle

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