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Introducing "Healing in the Arms of the Cosmic Mother," a powerful guided meditation designed to bring peace, healing, and transformation to your journey in this lifetime, while experiencing the nurturing love of the Cosmic Mother. 


During this transformative meditation, you will be guided into a healing chamber where you will be showered in the golden light of Christ Consciousness. You will be held in the loving embrace of the Cosmic Mother, surrounded by her nourishing energy, and guided through a powerful healing process that will help you dissolve pain and suffering, release old wounds, and reunite lost soul fractals with your heart.


Throughout this meditation, you will experience:


  • A deep sense of relaxation and inner peace

  • Release of pain and suffering

  • Reunification of lost soul fragments back into your heart


Download "Healing in the Arms of the Cosmic Mother" now and immerse yourself in the nurturing love of the Cosmic Mother, as you are guided on a journey of healing and transformation.

Length: 23m31s

Healing in the Arms of the Cosmic Mother

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