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Eclipses always focus on the karma we must release and the future alignments our soul is guiding us towards. 


The messages I have continuously been receiving since early 2022 is that those who take a risk on themselves to transform and take a risk on the whispers of their soul will be rewarded greatly in the next year and years to come.


This session is designed to look at the upcoming 3-4 months of your life and the correlating astrological transits that may be impacting you most. This is a great opportunity to shine light on which loose ends do you need to tie up so that you are open to newer opportunities when they arrive.


This session will be a blend of astrology and intuitive coaching. I will take a look at your chart to see:


  • What you should be focusing on most over the next 3-4 months
  • What needs initiating
  • What needs completion
  • What Karma are you needing to clear
  • What soul alignments/purpose are coming into greater view
  • What are you unable to avoid at this time


You will need to know your birth date, time of birth, and birth city for the most accurate reading. Please provide these details in the notes section when booking this session.


This is a 75 minute session.

Astrological & Intuitive Soul Alignment vs Karmic Clearing

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