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Can Imre


Nicole is a blessing and very gifted, she got it exactly on the point. I felt safe to open up myself and share my past life experiences.
I highly recommend her. If you are looking for somebody who’s passionate, intuitive, very kind and inspiring - you found it!

Michael Philpott


Nicole’s work has helped me tremendously. Her energy work is off the charts and her coaching is precise, caring and highly valuable. She has helped me push through my limitations in my body as well as my mind and spirit. I highly recommend Nicole’s services to anyone looking to improve their life. I am very grateful for her help.

Michele DeMartini


About a year ago, through a synchronicity, a blessing named Nicole Frolick entered into my life. Since then, Nicole has guided me on a long overdue journey of self-discovery. Her knowledge, wisdom and compassion allowed me to feel safe being open and honest with her. The sessions and homework were not always easy, yet they have been very rewarding. The results have changed my life in so many positive ways including friends and family commenting that I am a different person.

As I have been on my journey, I have witnessed Nicole’s gifts and abilities grow. Her growth inspires me to continue on my spiritual path. (I want to be just like her when I spiritually grow-up.) ;) Nicole’s website, YouTube channel, and Enlighten Up podcast have also been wonderful sources of knowledge, wisdom and entertainment.

Nicole, with much gratitude and love, I thank you.



I have learned so much from Nicole’s videos and her book Inflexible Me. An amazing soul with a talent for going to the heart of the situation, I have gotten confirmations and new insight from many of her videos as well a treasure trove of healing insight from her book. On matters of the heart and of a more private nature, she has been very helpful in assisting me with opening up my perspective and being able to examine where the ego pokes in and affects the lens I’m looking through at life as I/we know it here. Her card readings are intuitive and have helped me with creating alchemy in experiences I was “stuck” in, as well as giving me a springboard to jump further into understanding my shadow and healing those parts of myself. I think she has a unique way of making serious and difficult experiences approachable and she leaves her readings open-ended for self-empowerment which has been very encouraging & helpful in my own growth, reminding me I am the healer in my own journey. I highly recommend her works and her readings!