Authentic Testimonials




Nicole is a blessing and very gifted, she got it exactly on the point. I felt safe to open up myself and share my past life experiences.
I highly recommend her. If you are looking for somebody who’s passionate, intuitive, very kind and inspiring - you found it!




I didn't realize when I joined Alcheme a few months ago how much it could change my life in such a short time. Nicole is the brightest light and is constantly checking in with the group leaving the most amazing insight and sources in our Discord chat that helps guide us to really think for ourselves and introduces us to new information and influencers that really helps expand our mind, body and spirit. Within a few weeks I also met the most amazing people and now we meet regularly online to practice our intuitive skills and I absolutely cherish their friendship and support. Alcheme is a place where you can find your tribe and then plant roots so your soul can grow :)


I had been following Nicole's live tarot readings and was always impressed with her accuracy and insightful messages. There was one reading that was literally playing out in real time as she was recording it. Shortly after I booked my own session and she really hones in on what it is you "need to know". The reading was more than a typical reading b/c she also incorporates her coaching skills which makes the reading much more valuable. There are some great card readers out there - but once you have a reading with Nicole - I guarantee she'll be the only one you'll want to keep booking multiple sessions with to answer all of your questions!! 



I had never had a Tarot reading before I met Nicole, so I was not sure what to expect. Words cannot describe how incredibly gifted Nicole is! Her tarot readings are magical. I was blown away by her spot on intuition and inspiring accuracy.  Nicole’s guidance through the Tarot resonated with my soul. Her amazing readings have helped guide me in ways I could not have expected! Nicole is truly the BEST!



Nicole’s Alcheme program helped us to not only survive but thrive in 2020!  It is the perfect investment if you are looking for a community of likeminded souls where you can be vulnerable, ask questions and learn and grow in so many ways (spirituality, sovereignty, health).  It is truly like a family and you will feel so welcomed and loved.   Nicole is active in the group, providing great advice, beautiful monthly guided meditations and so much more.  Both my husband and I have used Nicole’s services as well, she is so down to earth, relatable, kind hearted and full of practical advice.  We think of her as a fearless leader always bringing her wisdom and vulnerability through her own life challenges and successes.   We can’t say enough good things about how Nicole has positively  impacted our lives in the past year.



If you're going to do a personal reading with anyone - Nicole is the person to do it with. She is such a light and positive presence, easy to work with/very welcoming for beginners (or anyone that's never had a tarot reading etc before), and incredibly blessed with the gift of intuition for divine insight into your questions. I had no idea how someone who has never met me could have such an honest knowing of where I was in life, what particular fork in the road I had come to, the challenges or gifts that may lay ahead, and how to tap into my highest truth for how to handle them. You could tell she's used those cards countless times and done this work for so long that she has such clarity with the answers and the messages come through naturally. The reading she did for me made complete sense for me and really helped me gain clarity on what I needed to do at that point in my journey and bring me back to being in tune with my higher guidance. Nicole is well studied in many different forms of health and spiritual healing/the metaphysical and can therefore understand the many different factors at play for each of us, and her knowledge is bar none. I highly recommend working with Nicole, whether it's just once or sometimes when you need it! Also - I'm eternally grateful to Nicole for creating Alcheme. In addition to the much needed meditations included, it is exactly the community that I needed and it's become quite a family along the way. We've all learned so much from each other spiritually and personally and continue to share what we know and help each other. I feel very lucky to find a group and intuitive life coach that I resonate so strongly with!



My first encounter with Nicole Frolick came to be when I watched my weekly Interview with James Gilliland of ECETI. My very first reaction to Nicole Frolick was "she smile's too much" irrational, I had just projected emotionally upon someone I had no clue about, to instantly distance myself, a self-preservation tactic, and I caught myself! Why had I just tried to self-sabotage? Totally intrigued, I sat and listened intently, and was fascinated, so much so that I was spellbound the rest of that day. What had just happened? Why was I feeling this way, a mix of excitement and fear?! The following
day, I emailed Nicole Frolick, to arrange a reading, and we were speaking one-to-one within days. And it quickly became clear as to my emotional responses days previously, as I was sharing Inner-child private and unknown personal information that Nicole had totally unlocked within the card reading session I had requested. Nicole was speaking of things personal to me that no living soul knows about, and I felt her trust, empathy and compassion as we shared some life secrets, She drew me out and showed me the way toward healing some terrible life-long inner trauma. Now I am a part of Nicole's AlcheME Academy and a member of the Discord Family where like minded Spirit's like myself chat and meet weekly. I say "family",
as that is what we have become and it is the family I never had, just honest, open-minded, loving souls that nourish and guide each other without prejudice! N.B. I have had three Near Death Experiences, broken bones from my little toe to my skull, experienced PTSD and depression, homelessness and many other experiences...have met a lot of people...and a lot of charlatans, from lawyers to "spiritualists"!!!
Nicole Frolick is none of these things ! She is genuine, down to earth, the real deal. Today, I can say that reaching out to Nicole has changed my life. Her skill-set and character are above reproach, and I call her my friend.



Nicole’s work has helped me tremendously. Her energy work is off the charts and her coaching is precise, caring and highly valuable. She has helped me push through my limitations in my body as well as my mind and spirit. I highly recommend Nicole’s services to anyone looking to improve their life. I am very grateful for her help.



About a year ago, through a synchronicity, a blessing named Nicole Frolick entered into my life. Since then, Nicole has guided me on a long overdue journey of self-discovery. Her knowledge, wisdom and compassion allowed me to feel safe being open and honest with her. The sessions and homework were not always easy, yet they have been very rewarding. The results have changed my life in so many positive ways including friends and family commenting that I am a different person.

As I have been on my journey, I have witnessed Nicole’s gifts and abilities grow. Her growth inspires me to continue on my spiritual path. (I want to be just like her when I spiritually grow-up.) ;) Nicole’s website, YouTube channel, and Enlighten Up podcast have also been wonderful sources of knowledge, wisdom and entertainment.

Nicole, with much gratitude and love, I thank you.



I have learned so much from Nicole’s videos and her book Inflexible Me. An amazing soul with a talent for going to the heart of the situation, I have gotten confirmations and new insight from many of her videos as well a treasure trove of healing insight from her book. On matters of the heart and of a more private nature, she has been very helpful in assisting me with opening up my perspective and being able to examine where the ego pokes in and affects the lens I’m looking through at life as I/we know it here. Her card readings are intuitive and have helped me with creating alchemy in experiences I was “stuck” in, as well as giving me a springboard to jump further into understanding my shadow and healing those parts of myself. I think she has a unique way of making serious and difficult experiences approachable and she leaves her readings open-ended for self-empowerment which has been very encouraging & helpful in my own growth, reminding me I am the healer in my own journey. I highly recommend her works and her readings!