Welcome to AlcheME

AlcheME is a monthly program designed to help you discover and navigate personal alcheME for your soul.

The awakening process has many layers to it and can be exciting and frightening all at once. As you begin to question your current reality (job, relationship, happiness, awareness beyond 3D), you are embarking on the internal journey of the soul.



The Healing Power of Authentic Living

Join me LIVE on Youtube for my latest series on vulnerability called RAW & REAL. Surrender and authenticity through transparency are currently the medicines for my soul’s growth. To help me nurture and embrace my feminine energy, I am going to allow myself to get very raw and real with all of you (something that does not come easily to me). In an effort to continue to be as authentic as possible, I invite you to listen as I share current fears, shames and experiences I am currently healing and moving through.